Leg Kick Your Way To Power

Joshua Rodrigues
2 min readApr 11, 2016

If there was one thing that I wish my coaches had told me as a young hitter it would easily be that I should have a leg kick in my swing. SIMPLY PUT THE LEG KICK GIVES YOU THE GREATEST ADVANTAGE FOR HITTING. That is it. A good leg kick allows you to do multiple things when swinging:

  1. Attack the baseball: This is the biggest advantage that a leg kick will give you. It immediately puts you in attack mode for batting. From the gather of your swing it puts you in position to have a running start which builds momentum and lets you catch up to pitchers with good velocity better.
  2. Adjust-ability: With pitchers who have good off speed or breaking pitches the leg kick allows you a build in mechanism to adjust to off speed pitches. It gives you a good build in margin for error. If you are off balance from a breaking pitch the leg kick gives you a much better opportunity to adjust than just a standard step.
  3. Running Start: This is a huge advantage to a leg kick. If you are not moving toward the baseball with some momentum and getting something going as the pitch is approaching you are already behind. The leg kick as stated before lets you get going with will help big time with plus pitching.
  4. Authority: Leg kicks add to your overall swing with how hard you can hit the ball. If you don’t have some type of weight shift going the leg kick can be a very valuable asset to add to your offensive lineup. Some coaches will shy away from it, because of how different it can look. Or how different it is from how you were taught hitting. But the leg kick how ever big or small is a plus to any players swing. Consider it, think about it film, it , watch it, develop it.

Anyone who is considering making any swing changes should really think about it before making them. Players need to also consider that they are changing how they have probably swung their whole life. Which is to say that if you fail right away with this new swing it is nothing to be upset about as it will take time to really develop the timing aspect of the swing. Stay with it. It will only help you as you go forward with your baseball career.

Stay the course, keep learning, keep growing, keep evolving!